5 Smart Thermostats for Your Smart Home

Save money and make your home smarter? Here are the latest thermostats we're warming up to.

Honeywell's latest thermostat adds in voice control.

With spring right around the corner, you’re probably experiencing some warmer days and others where you could actually grow icicles indoors.

We’re currently in the middle of a smart thermostat war. It’s going up and down and getting a good overall workout. Instead of fighting to get to the thermostat and/or walking into an icy house, more people are warming up to the idea of a “smart” thermostat.


A smart thermostat allows you to make all of those adjustments easier, as well as a lot more high-tech. Today’s smart thermostats connect to your home’s network, so you can access temperature controls in and outside of the home. Some of the best thermostats offer added bonuses, such as forecasts and “learning” features to tweak the temperatures automatically based on weather conditions, time of day, occupancy, and more.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a smart thermostat:

1. Pro Versus DIY. Are you going to install this thing? You won’t find every type of Wi-Fi thermostat down at Home Depot. Even more importantly, before you make a big hole (or two) in the wall, make sure that you have the equipment and knowledge to complete the installation.

2. Know About Features. Do you go away a lot? Are you incorporating air conditioning? Do you want a touchpad? Every smart thermostat provides web access, but there are several other features to consider.

3. Monthly Fees. Everyone looks at the cost of the actual thermostat, but it’s important to know that some smart thermostat companies charge monthly fees for remote access. Make sure you know the total cost before you make a purchase.

4. Mobile Access. Every smart thermostat doesn’t necessarily work with every type of mobile device. If you have a BlackBerry, your choices may be more limited. Make sure your new thermostat works with your particular smart phone or tablet.

5. Does It Play Nice? Is this advanced thermostat going to be part of a larger home control setup? Make sure your thermostat is compatible with the other electronics currently in your home — as well as the devices you want to add in the near future.

Now let’s see if you can warm up to some of the latest smart thermostats: 5 Hot Thermostats for Your Smart Home.

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