ZVOX Drops the Price on SoundBase 770 Sound System

Designed for TVs up to 80 inches, this home music system packs in five speakers and three powered subwoofers.

ZVOX SoundBase 770 home music system

The TV is not included.

It’s hard to imagine a lot of audio cranking out from the bottom of your TV. ZVOX is making it happen with the Platinum Series SoundBase 770 home music system.

Soundbase products are becoming a popular home audio option. Like the soundbar, this type of home music system can pump up the sound of your TV without having to fill the room with speakers. It doesn’t even require wall-mounting. Instead, the SoundBase 770 is designed to live right under TVs up to 80 inches. Just connect it to your TV or receiver, and you’re ready to rock!

According to ZVOX, the SoundBase 770 is the largest base-style home music system on the market. It measures 42 inches wide and 18 inches deep, allowing the unit to pack in five 3-inch speaker drivers, three 5.25-inch powered subwoofers, and a 125-watt digital amplifier. It even offers ZVOX’s audio processor, PhaseCue virtual surround sound for 3D-style audio, and the AccuVoice feature to pump up the sound of dialogue.

The SoundBase 770 doesn’t just give sports, movies and everyday TV watching a boost. It can also crank plenty of musical options, thanks to aptX Bluetooth streaming. This means you can wirelessly stream stored music and apps from any connected smartphone, tablet or computer.

Other features include a built-in Dolby Digital decoder, a frequency range of 35Hz-20kHz, two analog stereo inputs, two optical (Toslink) digital inputs, one coaxial digital input, and a front-panel 3.5mm stereo input. There’s even an OL (Output Leveling) button to help you tame the volume of those annoying commercial breaks.

And even though the SoundBase 770 does ship with a remote, it can be paired to respond to your existing controller. ZVOX says that programming that should take all of one minute!

The SoundBase 770 was originally priced at $699.99. However, in order to get it into more hands, ZVOX is cutting the price. It’s available now, with an MSRP of $499.99.


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