Zu Audio Omen Def loudspeaker

Zu Audio's new Omen Def freestanding loudspeaker is a 98dB sensitive product that offers a frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz.


Zu Audio's new Omen Def loudspeaker is available directly from the company at a price of $2,800 per pair.

Driven by a renewed interest in vinyl, increasing digital download music sales and Blu-ray-based home theaters, the home audio category is experiencing a resurgence.

With the audio category more diversified than ever, it’s now more important for consumers to find products that offer value, performance and versatility. One of the newer speaker companies to represent these traits is the direct-to-consumer company Zu Audio. The Ogden, Utah-based company’s latest speaker product is the freestanding Omen Def, which offers home audio enthusiasts a competitively priced, highly efficient loudspeaker that can be driven by a variety of amplifier products.

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This 6-ohm loudspeaker is rated to be 98dB efficient and ZuAudio says it provides a frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz. Structurally, the Omen Def employs a MDF cabinet that houses a pair of the company’s fourth-generation 10-inch drivers flanking one of Zu Audio’s proprietary super tweeters.

Zu Audio adds that users can order this product directly through its own sales staff and it can be used in medium- and large-sized rooms.


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