Wren Audio Starts Shipping V5 Wireless Speakers

The company is currently selling AirPlay and Play-Fi versions for $399 each.

There are a lot of speakers out there that make it easy to broadcast music without wires. These speakers have some type of wireless technology built in, so you can pair it with a favorite smartphone or tablet and stream content directly to the speaker.

The latest company to offer a wireless speaker is Wren Audio. The company just launched its V5 series, with options for AirPlay and Play-Fi. The company expects to add a Bluetooth version to the lineup soon.

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Each tabletop speaker includes an Intersil D2 Audio DSP-controlled amplifier, two long-throw drivers with 4-layer voice coils, and DSP optimization. All of that is packed into a slick, laminated wood cabinet with an acoustically transparent grille frame and an acoustic-damping 4mm low-durometer silicone base pad.

Mike Giffin, founder of Wren Audio, is a 35-year industry vet. He spent 22 of those at Harman International.

“My career has spanned the years from LPs and 8-tracks to Pandora and Spotify, but one thing has remained constant,” said Giffin. “Good sound immerses us in music. It washes our daily troubles away. It energizes us and reminds us what we love about life. Great sound systems like Wren take great music to another level.”

Wren Audio is shipping the V5AP for AirPlay and the V5PF for Play-Fi now. Each one is listed with an MSRP of $399.

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