Win HE-400 Headphones from HiFiMAN

Audiophile-grade $399 HE-400 headphones can be yours in our giveaway.


You went years slipping on a pair of earbuds to listen to your portable music. But now you’ve matured, you’re ripping files at higher bitrates or maybe downloading high-resolution files to play through your computer.

So now you need a better pair of headphones to appreciate and fulfill the better sound quality to your previously neglected ears.

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The headphone market is absolutely booming right now, thanks to this yearning for better sounding personal audio. Toward this end, we’ve got a great set of audiophile-grade headphones for you to win: the HE-400 from HiFiMAN (MSRP $399).

These beauties feature planar-magnetic drivers with neodymium magnet structure, with rated sensitivity (92.5 dB) that’s plenty high for them to be driven by a traditional amplifier or portable media player like your iPod, so don’t worry about having to buy a special headphone amp if you win.

They feature comfy over-the-ear earpads and a flexible cable, with cups that are finished in cobalt blue for a bit of extra aesthetic flair.

“The HE-400 is our least expensive, planar magnetic design yet offers advanced driver technology at this modest price point,” says Dr. Fang Bian, founder and president of HiFiMAN. “Sonically it competes favorably with headphones costing far more and unlike most planar magnetic designs, the fact that it does not require expensive amplification to drive it, makes the HE-400 an even stronger value.”

Get a taste of what Dr. Bian is saying by entering to win the HE-400 headphones by clicking here to submit. As an added twist, you can receive a second sweepstakes entry by sharing through social media, too. So why not make your friends jealous of your stunning new HE-400s? It’s a win-win.


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