Wilson Audio Delivers Revamped Duette Series 2

New cabinet, dedicated stand add to striking compact speaker's design.


Wilson Audio's Duette Series 2

Wilson Audio might be more known for its imposing tower speakers, but the Utah-based manufacturer can delve into the bookshelf speaker world with the same vigor.

Case in point is the newly announced Duette Series 2 model, a striking update on the compact Duette speaker that the company originally made in 2006. The Duette 2 hasn’t even made its way to Wilson Audio’s website yet, with an expected launch in June and more details still to come (here’s a look at the predecessor).

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But the company provided some words about the Duette Series 2 while teasing it through a social media announcement, and it certainly looks to have the unique Wilson design stamp for this speaker category.

Wilson says that the cabinet is new, with a front baffle angled at around 10 degrees to align the tweeter and woofer, as “the primary goal was to greatly enhance the time-domain performance of Duette.”

In terms of construction, Wilson Audio notes that the cabinet, including the internal bracing, is made from the company’s composite X-material, while the baffle features its latest S-material.

Tweeter technology in the Duette Series 2 includes some trickle-down work from Wilson’s Alexia loudspeaker. According to the company: “The Duette Series 2’s tweeter performance is enhanced by the inclusion of the rear wave chamber from Wilson’s Convergent Synergy Tweeter. The rear tweeter baffle is borrowed from the Alexia version of Wilson’s CST design. The wave chamber substantially reduces chamber-born diffraction. Reducing these artifacts greatly lowers the noise floor, and results in higher treble resolution. Detail naturally emerges from a grainless, black background.”

Part of the gorgeous design is the dedicated stand that Wilson paid close attention to so it could optimize the speaker’s placement, it says. The speaker itself is bolted to the stand. “The new Series 2 Dedicated Stand seamlessly integrates the separate Novel crossover, and provides captive dressing for the umbilical. Greater attention has been paid to the draining of resonances away from the Duette,” Wilson says.

Here’s a nice little introductory video that Wilson Audio put together for the announcement:

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