What’s That Sound? It’s Called Quality Audio

Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora talks about his love for hi-fi.


In recent years, the excitement of compressed digital formats, portable products, and big-box speaker systems has overwhelmed the average listener to the point where many people don’t know what their music really is supposed to sound like.

But there is a difference between off-the-shelf home theater packages and true high performance audio, and it’s something any listener can appreciate given the chance. A quality music experience isn’t just about being loud and clear, it’s about emotion. A sound system that conveys all the atmosphere of a live performance can transport you more than any high definition picture can possibly hope to. Audiophiles know this, but you don’t need to be a golden-eared expert to hear the difference between plain old audio and high performance.

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The editors at Electronic House put together this High Performance Audio supplement both for the fanatical audiophiles and for the average listener who wants to find out what he or she’s been missing. Included are discussions on hi-fi trends, the rebirth of vinyl and interviews with audio engineers. We’re giving you tips on listening, speaker placement and equipment selection.

A highlight of the supplement is Bob Archer’s interview with Richie Sambora, guitar master for Bon Jovi. In the interview Sambora explains his feelings about high-performance audio and how audio technology is influencing his work and his appreciation of music.

You can download the complete High Performance Audio Supplement (PDF) for free here.


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