VOCO Adds Lossless Music Streaming from MurFie HiFi

Lossless FLAC just sounds better

VOCO, the wireless music system some people compare to SONOS just got a nice audiophile upgrade. The company is now collaborating with MurFie HiFi, a company that does CD ripping, music streaming and cloud storage.

It works like this—you send MurFie HiFi a pile of your CDs. They rip them into lossless FLAC files, store them in a climate-controlled facility, and then you can access all those losses audio files from the cloud via your VOCO system. As a user, you get your own “locker” on MurFie HiFi’s site. The VOCO iOS or Android app connects you directly to your own locker, then you can listen to that music on whatever speaker you have your VOCO V-Zone system connected to (or use VOCO’s V-SPOT speaker).

With VOCO you also get voice control—say the name of the artist you want to listen to (you speak into your smartphone) and VOCO will find it and play it for you. Or you can just tap your way through the app, old-school style.

There are a couple of different ways to use the new service. With a Gold membership you can just send them 25 CDs for $25. A $99 HIFI membership gets you 100 CDs ripped into your locker. You can also buy and trade CDs through the site

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