VidaBox Squeezes in SqueezeBox Features with OpenSqueeze Solo

The open-source alternative promises multiroom audio streaming, web radio, and more.

The front and right side of the OpenSqueeze Solo.

Logitech pulled the plug on its popular SqueezeBox line late last year. However, there are still plenty of fans out there. VidaBox is hoping to fill that void, with the new OpenSqueeze Solo.

The OpenSqueeze Solo is a low-cost alternative to Logitech’s discontinued line. It works very similar to the SqueezeBox Duet, with SqueezeCenter software and access to This allows users to tap into locally stored music, web radio and premium services, such as Pandora, MOG, and Live365. Just remember that subscriptions and/or fees may apply. Spotify is also available via a third-party plug-in, as well as a paid subscription.

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Each OpenSqueeze Solo can provide a single music stream. For different streams of music or the same music across different zones, multiple OpenSqueeze Solo boxes can be installed throughout the house. If some of those need wireless access, VidaBox recommends adding in a Wi-Fi adapter, such as the TP Link TL-WR702N or TL-WR700N.

The Linux-based OpenSqueeze Solo also has support for existing SqueezeBox drivers for Crestron, AMX, RTI, Elan, Bitwise, Control4 and other third-party control systems.

“OpenSqueeze Solo is the perfect alternative to the discontinued SqueezeBox music player line,” says Steven Cheung, president of VidaBox, LLC. “We’ve been recommending the SqueezeBox players for years on various projects, so its unfortunate discontinuation has left a quite gap for solutions in this area. Other similar solutions on the market tend to be either too expensive, too complex to set up, or unavailable to end users. The OpenSqueeze Solo, with its low-cost and comprehensive music features, is an ideal replacement for integrators and end users alike seeking a SqueezeBox-type of solution that is simple to set up and enjoy.”

The OpenSqueeze Solo is shipping now with a starting price of $239 each.

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