TruAudio Rocks Out Underground Subwoofer with Beatles in Mind

The SubTerrain is loosely based on the 1966 hit

Just yesterday, TruAudio debuted the new Thor Subwoofer, which is based on the upcoming theatrical release, Thor: The Dark World. Now, the company is ending the week with another big, booming release, specifically designed for music fans.

TruAudio is now showing off the new SubTerrain subwoofer. According to TruAudio, this new yellow subwoofer is loosely based on the Beatles’ 1966 hit song, “Yellow Submarine.”

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Um, what? It goes underground and it’s yellow. That’s pretty much where the similarities seem to end. However, it’s certainly not just a marketing gimmick. It’s an underground subwoofer, designed to put deep bass in an outdoor setting.

The SubTerrain features a bell-shaped port tube at both ends, which boasts maximum airflow. That basically means that this perk can boost the bass volume produced by the SubTerrain’s 10-inch injected polypropylene driver. It also has a specially designed soft curve cap to evenly disperse sound over a wide area.

Oh — and it’s neon yellow. That said, it’s not like anybody’s going to see the color once you bury it underground, right?

“The very definition of underground subs is… they’re underground. In other words, once they go in the earth, you don’t see much of them anymore. So, we figured that afforded us a little creative license,” said Bryan Garner, president of TruAudio. “One thing led to another and now you have the yellow SubTerrain.”

TruAudio will be showing the yellow SubTerrain in its underground display at next week’s CEDIA Expo. The show runs from September 25-28, 2013, in Denver Colorado.

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