TDK Starts Shipping Premium Audio Products

The manufacturer is hoping to catch the audiophile ear with a new brand, two turntables, and one Sound Cube.


TDK probably isn’t the first name on an audiophile’s list when it’s time to shop. The company is hoping to change all of that, with a new brand and new line of equipment.

The company’s TDK Life on Record promises to blend “the warm experience of analog with the precision and convenience of digital technology.” The brand also boasts a “visual heartbeat” equalizer and fine tuning features.

First up, the company has two new belt-drive turntables. That exposed belt is designed to isolate the platter from motor noise, coupled with an optical speed sensor. Each one has the aforementioned graphic equalizer and an illuminated tone arm. The USB Belt Drive Turntable also combines old school audio with the new, allowing users to convert tracks to MP3s. Other features include an integrated pre-amp, USB output, cable and included (Windows) software. TDK’s Belt Drive Turntable is now selling for $299. Add in the USB option for an extra $100.

The real crowning jewel — or cube — is the TDK Sound Cube (pictured). This $299 product is designed to fill your space with sound, without filling it with speakers. Featuring sound ports on all four of its sides and two 5.25-inch coaxial drivers, the Sound Cube boasts 360 degrees of sound from a unit that’s easy to move around the house and take on the go. Inputs include USB, 3.5mm and auxiliary ports for connections. Users can also rock out, by plugging in a guitar or microphone.

All three products should be available now at, and Future Shop/ We did find the Sound Cube for sale at all three, but the turntables were hit or miss. Amazon was the only one that had both turntables listed. However, it said the USB one was coming and the other was unavailable. Best Buy only had the USB turntable, but said it’s currently sold out. Future Shop didn’t have either of the turntables listed. TDK says that all three products should expand to other retailers in the coming weeks.



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