Spotify: Now with More Pandora!

Spotify Radio will offer Pandora-like radio stations as a streaming option.


Some people love the selection of Spotify’s online music service. Others love the set-it-and-forget-it aspects of Pandora. Well, Spotify is about to put peanut butter in your chocolate and combine the best of both worlds.

Today, Spotify announced plans to launch Spotify Radio. The new option allows users to create a radio station, based on one artist. Sound familiar?

Of course, there’s a hook. Unlike Pandora, Spotify Radio does not put a limit on skipped songs. Don’t like a song? Just skip it, as well as the next and the next. It’s unlimited! There’s also the option for unlimited stations. If you hear something that you like, you can also save it to a playlist for on-demand listening later on.

Spotify plans to roll out Spotify Radio within the next few days. Until then, they are offering a preview version of the service.


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