Special Report: Multiroom Audio & Video

In the connected home, no room should be an island of music.


Not long ago, the term “whole-house audio” meant cranking your family room stereo system loud enough so you could hear it from the bedroom. Thankfully, this speaker-blasting setup has evolved into a much more elegant, efficient and convenient solution — one that involves a distribution device that can shuttle tunes from a variety of audio/video components to several speakers located throughout your house — at a volume that’s pleasing to the ear and safe for your equipment. In this paper we’ll show you multiroom audio, some of the cool components and take a tour of Amani Toomer’s A/V system.

In this issue:

  • Stream your music and videos housewide: what’s involved
  • Cool components that’ll keep everyone entertained
  • Football superstar Amani Toomer finds relaxation in a whole-house music system

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