Sonos Delivers 4.1 Software Upgrade

The latest update provides owners with faster access to Spotify and more.


People know Sonos as being an easy way to get music. The company has several wireless music solutions, including the Sonos PLAYBAR, the Sonos Subwoofer, and the Sonos PLAY:3.

Now, the company is improving on those products with a new software upgrade. The company just announced Sonos 4.1, which is now available.

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The upgrade allows Sonos users to build better music playlists, which includes lists via Spotify. In other words, users can create and edit Spotify playlists right from the Sonos Controller. It also has better Facebook integration, so you can easily access that Spotify account. Other features include new alarm options, a demo video, and more.

For a list of other features, as well as the requirements needed to make the free upgrade, check out the Sonos website. To access Spotify on your Sonos system, be advised that you’ll need a Spotify Premium account, which runs $9.99 per month.


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