Russound Class D Multi-room Audio System Amps Spread Music Around the Home

Through the implementation of Class D amplification technologies, Russound says that its latest multi-room audio system amp can be installed into rack environments without creating a lot of heat or taking up a lot of rack space.

multi-room audio system amp

The tech giant Apple recently joined a crowded audio market when announced the launch of its Apple Music subscription streaming service. Helping homeowners distribute Apple Music, as well as other popular services including Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and others, is the Newmarket, N.H.-based electronics manufacturer Russound.

Adding a pair of multi room audio system amps, the products support the public’s ability to play and distribute these streaming services, digital audio files, legacy formats such as CD, and even vinyl, throughout their homes. Using Class D technologies as the basis for its amplifiers, Charlie Porritt, CEO of Russound, points out the amps are available and shipping.

“The new amplifiers are part of an ongoing torrent of high-value products that reflect input from our custom installer partners, with attention paid to how they will solve a variety of needs and challenges in the fields,” says Porritt. “Our new amps, in particular, were designed so that they could easily fit into any number of installations where weight, size, connectivity, functionality and reliability are equal partners.”

Priced at $1,250, the eight-channel D850 features auto sensing, line inputs, bridged outputs, independent zone triggering and outputs, bus audio input, individual left and right channel volume trim controls per zone, and individual turn-off delays per zone. The D850 is rated to deliver 50 watts into an 8-ohm load. When operating in a bridged mode (combining two channels from the same zone), the amp is rated to produce 160 watts of power.

The D850’s big brother is the $1,679 16-channel D1650. This amplifier offers the same feature features and power ratings as the D850, but adds the ability to power eight pairs of speakers in a multi-room audio system rather than the D850’s four-pair capability.


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