Rocki Can Make Wireless Music for $49 Per Room

The Rocki Play can transform any speaker into a wireless speaker.

Kickstarter dreams really do come true! Rocki is a prime example. In late 2013, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Rocki Play, a tiny wireless music adapter for your speakers. The project made over four times its $50,000 goal. Now, the product is available to the masses.

The masses are the product’s target audience, too. The Rocki Plus is an inexpensive wireless adapter for your speakers — any speakers or audio system. Once connected, it can make those speakers into wireless speakers and stream audio from your smart phone. As long as your audio device has a headphone jack, it can be part of the Rocki system.

The Rocki does not include any amplification. It needs to be connected to active speakers or some form of powered audio system, even a boombox or radio.

In addition to the adapter, the setup includes the free Rocki app. After all, you need a way to get music to those speakers, right? Available for iOS and Android devices, the app can put single or multiple users in touch with a single Rocki (as long as you’re all on the same wireless network). That system can include one room or many, depending on how many Rocki Play adapters you want around the house.

Each adapter is pretty compact and doesn’t need any sort of power cord. Instead, the Rocki Play is ready to rock any speaker up to 8 hours, via a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

Available in six colors, the Rocki Play is available in two versions: the $49 original Rocki Play or the $89 Rocki Play+, which adds in HDMI and optical (Toslink) connections.

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