Pure Audio Puts Touch into Sensia 200D Connect Music Streamer

The new tabletop can stream music from the web, your devices, and much more.


There’s a ton of music streamers available right now. However, UK company Pure Audio is making its Sensia 200D Connect a standout by adding in a touchscreen.

That 5.7-inch color touchscreen can control the device, as well as display goodies like album artwork, Facebook and Twitter, weather, content from connected PCs, and much more.

Of course, it’s a radio first and foremost, with access to thousands of web-based radio stations and on-demand programs through the company’s own Pure Connect platform. If you’re partial to the music and/or services that are stored on your smartphone or home computer, the Sensia 200D Connect is compatible with networked devices, including iOS and Android portables. It also has good-old FM radio.

Other features include a 30-watt Class-C amp, bass and treble controls, an input for an iPod/MP3 player, alarm and sleep timer functions, and a headphone jack.

Another cool option is that the Sensia 200D Connect features “instant and timed recording,” which means you can capture live web radio on a USB memory stick. This can be accessed through the touchscreen, the included remote, or you can just program up to three timers.

In the future, Pure Audio plans to launch Pure Music, a subscription-based on-demand service. Also, there are plans to integrate Pure Tag. Coming in January 2013, this option allows listeners to tag song selections for a later purchase.

Available this week in black and white, the Sensia 200D Connect has an MSRP of $449. There’s also an optional Pure F1 ChargePAK ($49), which allows users to untether the tabletop from the outlet and go anywhere within WiFi range — unless you want to use that FM option.


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