Proficient Unplugs Whole-House Music with ZERO Wireless System

The basic system includes a transmitter and an amplified receiver with Bluetooth.


Proficient has been pretty proficient (duh) at high-end audio for years. Now, the company is adding something slightly more simple to its lineup: a wireless music system.

The company just announced pricing and availability for the Proficient ZERO Wireless Music System, a new product that will be available through Proficient’s dealer/installer market.

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Designed as a retrofit solution, the setup consists of the Proficient ZERO transmitter and an amplified receiver, which has built-in Bluetooth support. The company says that ZERO can transmit sound up to 90 feet in up to eight rooms. That means you can have a whole-house music system, without all of the wires.

Features on the transmitter include three stereo analog audio inputs and switchable analog/optical PCM audio. The receiver has a 35-watt x 2-channel built-in digital amplifier with Texas Instruments’ Equibit technology. That TI perk means that the system can drive a wide range of loudspeakers. Other features include a 3.5mm stereo line out, a 3.5mm L/R sum out, an optical line in, and a 3.5mm stereo line input.

Of course, having that Bluetooth support means that users can stream content from any compatible smartphone, tablet or computer directly to the ZERO system.

“The Proficient ZERO Wireless Music System is our purpose-built solution for homeowners who want a whole-house sound system but don’t want the expense of hardwired multi-room systems,” said Proficient’s Keith Marshall.

Proficient says that the system can be installed almost anywhere, even behind a wall-mounted TV. It can also support any wireless powered subwoofer. Look for the Proficient ZERO Transmitter and Amplified Receiver to start shipping in the third quarter of 2012. It will have an MSRP of $680, with additional receivers priced at $430 each.


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