Pro Audio Technology Blasts Out 266-Pound Subwoofer

The LFC-24sm has a 24-inch driver and boasts a sensitivity of 99dBSPL.

If this house is a-rockin’, it may be because you’ve got one of the biggest subwoofers on the planet. Not the case? Pro Audio Technology can easily remedy your subwoofer situation.

The company just introduced the LFC-24sm, a subwoofer that weighs a whopping 266 pounds. About 88 pounds of that is the sub’s 24-inch driver, which has a sensitivity rating of 99dBSPL (driven by one watt and measured at one meter).

Designed to deliver bass in “the world’s most elite home cinemas,” the LFC-24sm measures 60.5-by-26-by-21 inches and can deliver a maximum output of 129.5dB. It’s also rated at 2,000 watts of continuous power handling, with PRO’s Programmable Modular Amplifier — which provides 1,000 watts of fully DSP optimized signal to the sub all on its own.

Other features include four front-firing ports and a suite of in-room performance calibration controls, including parametric EQ and delay.

“At first glance, this may seem like purely a statement product,” said Paul Hales, Pro Audio Technology’s founder. “But in fact, the LFC-24sm design is in direct response to market pressure. PRO dealers continuously ask that we push the boundaries of performance as they create evermore lavish home cinemas for affluent clients who demand the very best. The LFC-24sm is capable of energizing the largest of these private cinemas, which often house dozens of seats, with an extraordinary level of visceral power. In these systems, the LFC-24sm really does provide an unequaled listening experience.”

Something this big must have a pretty big price tag. However, the info is as restricted as the audience for this kind of beast. Contact Pro Audio Technology for pricing and availability info.

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