Pre-Order for Your Peek at the Best DIY Projects!

Never-before-seen projects and other perks of being a do-it-yourselfer — all in one book!


Pre-order your copy today! Coming in June 2010.

We asked and did we ever receive — some of the coolest DIY projects we’ve ever seen!

When we asked DIYers to submit their projects, we didn’t know we would get such an overwhelming response. Now, we’ve compiled the best and most creative crop into one book.

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After weeks of combing through submissions and peeking into people’s homes, the Electronic House DIY Showcase is available for pre-order TODAY.

The projects are different, the costs are different, but each of these projects shows passion. Each homeowner took a huge leap — and some even took a huge home equity loan.

The Electronic House DIY Showcase includes a slew of big screens, gaming devices, wiring, seats, media servers, lighting, HTPCs, racks, collectibles—and even one party barn.

The Electronic House DIY Showcase sells for $19.95. The offer is limited, so pre-order your copy TODAY.

Click here to order your copy of the Electronic House DIY Showcase.


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