Peerless Wireless Audio System Sends 8 Channels Around Your House

Peerless ADS100-B sets up its own Wi-Fi network to wirelessly distribute music.

One of the main reasons to select a wireless audio system over a traditionally wired one is, well, the wires. Running speaker or network cable all over an existing house can be time-consuming and costly. The Peerless PeerSound ADS100-B lets you use whatever speakers you want or already have, but with the ability send audio signals wirelessly via a Wi-Fi network.

The system offers 8 channels, or four stereo zones, and can send its signal 140+ feet over the air. Because the system sets up its own wireless network it won’t interfere with your home’s Wi-Fi.

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The transmitter has inputs for 4 stereo sources (such as a CD player, music server and satellite radio tuner) or speaker-wire inputs. The receivers include built-in digital amps and are small enough to be installed in a wall, hung on a wall or just stashed out of the way behind or under something. The system looks particularly useful for households that have existing speakers but want to connect them to a wireless house-wide system. The Peerless ADS1—B can also be used to create a wireless surround sound system for a home theater.

The transmitter is rack mountable and includes an antenna that can be moved 10 feet away for better wireless reception.

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