Peachtree Audio Launches its First Bluetooth Speaker System


I know what you’re thinking, just another Bluetooth speaker. There’s good reason to think this one is going to be a standout though. Peachtree Audio is releasing its first Bluetooth speaker system, and that means something.

Peachtree is a company with a great reputation for compact audiophile-quality amps, preamps, DACs and computer audio systems. This new tabletop audio system is a nice compliment to that mix.

The deepblue, as it’s called, includes 240 watts of power, one 6.5-inch bass driver, two 3.5-inch mids and two 1-inch soft dome tweeters. Peachtree’s expertise in digital signal processing should make this one system worth listening to.

A CAD illustration of the inner workings of deepblue

You can connect your smartphone or tablet to the deepblue via A2DP Bluetooth or a 3.5mm stereo jack. Via Bluetooth you can stream your phone’s music collection or any music apps (such as Pandora or Spotify) stored on your phone.

The only thing it seems to be lacking is a built-in rechargeable battery for taking the unit outside or moving it around the house. One the other hand, the deepblue weighs 16 pounds, so portability clearly wasn’t part of the design plan.

Deepblue is available now for $399.


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