Panasonic Cranks Out 2,300-Watt Audio System

The SC-MAX650 Extra-Large Audio System is perfect for your summer party.

If you’re wondering where the party’s at this summer, just follow the sound. The yard with Panasonic‘s new SC-MAX650 Extra-Large Audio System should be heard from a distance.

The new audio system can crank up to 2,300 watts of sound — and promises to do that with no distortion. Designed to be the ultimate party accessory, the SC-MAX650 has four-way floor-standing speakers, with 15- and 7.88-inch “super woofers,” as well as a 4-inch woofer and a 2.38-inch tweeter.

There are plenty of content options as well, since the system comes packing a CD player, an FM/AM tuner, and a USB port and an AUX jack to hook up external devices. Other features include D. Bass with Smart Control, Maximized Bass Sound PLUS, and a mic input for a little karaoke action.

“The SC-MAX650 is our most powerful audio system yet,” said David Fisher, Panasonic’s product manager. “From its aesthetic design to its sound capabilities, we have created this system to be a showstopper and truly bring a party to life through music.”

Panasonic will start rocking out (and selling) the SC-MAX650 Extra-Large Audio System sometime this month, just in time for barbecue season. Expect to see the system selling with an MSRP of $1,199.99.

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