Panasonic Brings Back Technics Audio Brand

New Technics stereo systems debut at the IFA show in Germany. Coming to US later.

Usually when we hear about a brand getting revived it means a Chinese manufacture has acquired the rights to the name and is slapping it on new products. That’s not the case here, Panasonic, which for years offered quality audio systems under the Technics brand, is bringing the name back for a new line of audio components and speakers.

Technics originally launched in 1965 and retired around 2003.

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Panasonic is using the German IFA Consumer Electronics Show to debut the new products. Hallmarks of the new Technics are three audio technologies: Accurate Digital, Noiseless Signal and Emotive Acoustic. That last one is focused on creating a clear and spacious sound stage with wide dynamic range.

Technics will launch with two lines, the reference class R1 line and the premium C700 line.

The R1 line will include the Stereo Power Amplifier SE-R1, Network Audio Control Player SU-R1, and Speaker System SB-R1.

The C700 line will include the Stereo Integrated Amplifier SU-C700, Network Audio Player ST-C700, Compact Disc Player SL-C700 and Speaker System SB-C700.

I’m a little surprised to see neither a DAC nor a turntable. Considering how popular those two categories are, I would have expected them in a lineup that’s trying to get the attention new audiophiles.

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