OWI Rocks Summer with L.A. Rocker Speakers

The company's outdoor speakers boast real rock samples from around the country.


Are you ready to rock this summer? If the answer is no, you probably don’t have the right audio equipment. OWI, Inc. is now offering its line of L.A. Rocker Rock Speakers to the residential market.

This line features a variety of speakers that look like actual rocks, in order to blend into your surroundings. However, they feature a little something extra-special inside: actual rock samples from all over the country.

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OWI has been rocking these rock speakers in theme parks, hotels, casinos, golf courses and retail centers for quite some time. Now, they are coming to the home to replace some of those boxy, plastic pieces that can stick out like a sore thumb.

The company says that they were able to achieve a realistic appearance by using samples from Hawaiian lava rock, Florida reef rock, New Hampshire granite, and Colorado river rock, and a variety of other rocks. If that isn’t real enough for you, OWI says that no two rock speakers are exactly alike — just like real rocks!

All L.A. Rocker Speakers are UV resistant, as well as bug-, puppy- and lawnmower-proof. Each model also has a built-in security cable attachment ring, just in case someone thinks about walking off with your rock speakers.

Besides the natural look, OWI has taken great care on what goes inside this rock package. The line offers a range of two- and three-way speakers from 4 to 12 inches. Subwoofers models are also available.

For more on the L.A. Rocker Rock Speaker line, as well as specs on each model, check out OWI’s website.

[via HomeToys]


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