Orb Audio Launches Class T Amp at $69

The micro-sized Class T amplifier is designed for use with computers, televisions, iPods, and most mobile devices.


When was the last time that you bought a piece of audio equipment for under $100? The answer: Never. That never happened. And if it did, we’re guessing that component is currently collecting dust.

Orb Audio wants to slip a little something into your AV collection — and wants to do it cheaply. The company is relaunching its Mini-T amplifier, with an MSRP of $69.

Yes, this is a relaunch. The new Mini-T is actually smaller than its predecessor, in both the footprint and the price tag. It also boasts a better signal path design, as well as a dedicated subwoofer output. Other features include low harmonic distortion (just .04%) and “gold pin” Tripath amplifier chips.

“The original Mini-T has been extremely popular since the day we launched it, because it solves the problem of getting home speakers to work with computers, TVs, mobile devices and tablets,” says Ethan Siegel, co-founder and CEO of Orb Audio. “Of course, we always look to improve our products and the new Mini-T both sounds better and looks better, and is also significantly smaller than our first model. It can now also easily be used with powered subwoofers to achieve room-filling bass. The best part is that the new Mini-T is only $69, which is more than 20% lower than the price of the original Mini-T when it was launched in 2011.”

Designed for use with computers, televisions, iPods and most mobile devices, the Mini-T can be paired with just about any set of speakers. Orb Audio is also offering the Mini-T as part of a complete package, which includes two Orb Mod1 speakers. That will cost you $299.

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