Oppo Launches two Blu-ray and Everything Players

Both players include dual-HDMI outputs and inputs plus 4K upscaling.


Oppo has been a favorite among video enthusiasts since the company’s first upscaling DVD player launched way-back-when. Lately home theaterists (I just invented that word) have been relying on the BDP-93 and BDP-95 models, but hankering for more.

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Oppo is now launching the BDP-103 and BDP-105 universal 3D Blu-ray players. Being universal, both play BDs, DVD, DVD-A, SACD and all CD formats plus all those little digital files you ripped, including AVCHD, WAV, MP3, FLAC, MKV video.

Like most other disc players today, both Oppos offer a basketful of streaming services including Netflix, VUDU, Film Fresh, Pandora and YouTube. The company says that list will be expanding, so I hope it expands to include Spotify, Amazon and Slacker.

Oppo players are known for their hardcore videophile guts, and these models come loaded with custom dual-core SoC and Marvell’s Qdeo video processor. They upscale video to 4K (which I’m still not convinced we need yet, but it’s good to be ready), 2D-to-3D conversion and two HDMI outputs that can send video to two displays at the same time—nice.

On the audio side, the new players support bit-stream output and onboard decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio. With SACDs you can take your pick of native DSD or PCM via HDMI or analog.

The BDP-103 offers 7.1 channel analog outputs while the BDP-105 includes the same plus two ESS Sabre32 Reference DACs, a toroidal linear power supply, dedicated stereo outputs with both RCA and XLR balanced connections, and a headphone amplifier connected directly to the DAC.

Here’s a backside video the Oppo BDP-103

And there’s even more cool stuff. Both players include two HDMI inputs (one supporting MHL) so you can connect other components to take advantage of the Oppo’s processing power. This means if you want, you can use the Oppo to upscale your Apple TV, smartphone or cable box to 4K.

The units are fully controllable via most professional control systems, plus there’s an app and remote.

The BDP-103 will go for $499 and the BDP-105 for $1,199 later this year.


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