NuVo Adds Streaming Option to iOS App

The NuVo Player App version 1.8.1 is now available for download.

Looking for another way to get music to your NuVo wireless audio system? The company is providing the answer with an app update.

The latest version of the NuVo Player App, version 1.8.1, has a new Direct Stream capability. This basically makes the iPhone or iPad into another source option, allowing users to wirelessly stream content from that device directly to the NuVo system.

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Currently, the app update is only available to iOS users with iOS 6 or later. Also, both your device and the NuVo system need to be on the same network. Once connected, as many as 16 streams can be accessed simultaneously. The app also supports track selection, volume control, and more.

“Direct Stream is an important new feature for our NuVo Player portfolio,” says Fritz Werder, VP and general manager of Legrand’s NuVo and On-Q product lines. “Because the app connects to your Wi-Fi network, anyone can stream directly from their iPhone or iPad even if they don’t have Bluetooth capability on their NuVo player. So now, in addition to playing music from supported Internet streaming services and content stored on their network, users can also access content residing locally on their iOS device.”

The NuVo Player App version 1.8.1 is now available for download.

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