NuForce Air DAC Can Stream Music to Any Speaker

NuForce's latest streaming product works with computers and iOS devices.


Back in November, NuForce showed us how easy it is to pump up the power of streaming devices, using its Dia digital audio converter (DAC) product. Now, the company is adding another option for streaming CD-quality music via the Air DAC Wireless System.

This basically means that you can take a bunch of speakers currently collecting dust and start streaming wireless audio right to each one. Just plug the included transmitter into your computer’s USB port or an iPod, iPhone or iPad. Then, the receiver hooks to that available sound system.

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Once the system is set up, just start playing music from your audio device and it will be streamed to any speakers with the receiver. According to NuForce, each transmitter can support up to four receivers. On the flip side, each receiver can connect to as many as four transmitters as well. No Wi-Fi routers or IP addresses are needed.

If you want to pair the Air DAC with your computer, the Air DAC uWireless System is shipping now for $179. Apple users will have to wait and should expect to pay $20 more for the Air DAC iWireless System. All of the included goodies in both packages are available separately, which translates into $149 for the receiver and $59 to $79 for the transmitters.


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