New York Show Rocks High-Performance Audio This Weekend

Educational seminars and live music available.


In a listening society dominated by tiny earbuds and cell phones masquerading as audio components, it can be hard for real music lovers to feel like they’re being heard. But this weekend at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, music lovers will be able to listen and be heard.

Starting Friday, April 13 at 3 PM the New York Audio and AV Show will offer audiophiles and music lovers the opportunity to experience some of the best gear and technology the high-performance audio world has to offer. At this year’s show over 100 exhibitors will show off and sound off their top new products. Attendees can causally audition speakers and components they’ve only dreamed out and also talk to some of the critical people behind them such as the engineers and designers—opportunities that rarely happen in electronics retailers.

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Some of the brands you’ll be able to experience include Dan D’Agostino, Burmester, KEF America, Kimber Kable, Legacy Audio, MBL North America, Pass Laboratories, Sony, Transparent Audio, Wilson, and more.

Not only does the New York Audio and AV Show offer tons of opportunities to listen to outstanding audio systems, there’s also a strong lineup of educational sessions designed to expand attendees appreciation of new and existing technologies. Michael Fremer will be presenting a seminar on the fine art of proper turntable setup—something that’s becoming more popular these days, but also somewhat mysterious. Editor Michael Lavorgna and David Chesky will lead a panel discussion on the present state and future of high fidelity digital music and will demonstrate that digital doesn’t have to mean over-compressed and bland. Alan Sircom will moderate a discussion on high-end audio and ask important questions including what exactly qualifies as high-end and how to energize a new generation of audio lovers. On both Saturday and Sunday attendees will get to meet and quiz magazine and web site editors in two Ask-the-Editors forums which will include guests from Electronic House, Stereophile, Absolute Sound and Tone Audio. Check out the complete schedule here.

What if you just want to listen to music? There’s plenty of that as well. Live music performances will be happening all weekend and include appearances from Bob Reina Trio, Amber Rubarth, Elio Villafranca, Valerie Joyce and the jazz quartet Attention Screen.

The event opens at 3PM on Friday and runs throughout Sunday. Complete information can be found here.

And of course Electronic House will be there. Look for us and follow updates here, on Twitter and Facebook.


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