NanoHiFi Starts Selling Audio Lineup to U.S. Audiences

The Indonesia-based company has a line of slick, portable speaker solutions.

There are a lot of portable speakers options out there. So how does a company like NanoHiFi set itself apart? By making slick, interesting audio products.

The Indonesia-based company has actually been producing products for years — just not in the U.S. However, NanoHiFi just announced plans to launch its audio lineup to U.S. audiences.

The NanoHiFi comes in three flavors: The PNH1000, the PNH2100, and the PNH2200. All three have detachable speakers, a USB port, a handstrap, and a docking station that can support any iPhone with a 30-pin connector (an adapter is available for iPhone 5 users). The 2100 and 2200 also have a disc slot, with the latter adding in Bluetooth streaming as another option to get content to the speaker setup.

It’s also important to know that NanoHiFi designed all of its products with the audiophile in mind. Each one includes Multi Yoke Loudspeaker technology and XBR (extended bass radiator), as well as copper-clad voice coil technology and a sturdy, solid enclosure.

“At NanoHiFi, we are passionate about superior sound reproduction and chic design, so our team of engineers didn’t stop improving our product until they had created the perfect system for consumers to enjoy a rich sound from a conveniently portable unit,” said Daniel Nio, NanoHiFi’s managing director. “We are excited to release the NanoHiFi line to a brand new audience, here in the U.S.”

NanoHiFi will make its official U.S. debut at next week’s Dwell on Design event, which runs from June 21-23, 2013. Depending on the options, NanoHiFi’s products are listed with an MSRP of $349.99 to $479.

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