Music System Integrated into Garden Creates Peaceful Retreat

Chicagoland garden in full bloom with foliage and music.

When the workday is over, you can usually find the owner of this lush backyard garden tending to her beloved plants and flowers. “She’s passionate about it, and has completely wrapped her house in beautiful foliage,” says custom electronics (CE) professional John Goldenne of Digital Home Technologies, Palatine, Ill. He and his team have visited the property several times over the past few years to maintain the outdoor audio system that mingles seamlessly with the flora. “We started by repairing a couple of speakers that were already in the garden, and kept adding more just about every spring,” Goldenne says.

SpeakerCraft speakers are used throughout, planted inconspicuously within the landscape. Most resemble rocks, so they blend right in; others, like the discontinued Froggy speaker look right at home too, but stand out as clever conversation pieces.

The entire garden functions as a single audio zone, which means when the owner activates the Yamaha A/V receiver inside via a URC MX980 handheld remote, every speaker plays the same piece of music. The music feeds through a SpeakerCraft amp so that there’s plenty of audio power for all of the speakers. “We kept the system simple for her to use,” says Goldenne, tying in the owner’s existing CD player and more recently a player piano. “She still loves her CD collection, so it’s kind of old-style, but it works perfectly for her needs and is perfect for her garden parties,” Goldenne adds.

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