More Bass for the Bedroom

Subwoofers slide underneath a bed to provide hidden, powerful bass.

What's the best way to squeeze big bass into a narrow space? (Bed image from

When the custom electronics (CE) professionals at Media Rooms Inc., West Chester, Pa., were hired by the owners of a 12,000-square-foot house to design and install new electronic systems and technologies into the residence, the master bedroom (as well as other parts of the house) already had a fairly sophisticated audio/video system. “There were two TVs in the master bedroom–one for him and one for her–built into the wall in front of the bed, as well as two large speakers mounted six feet off the floor and hidden behind fabric wall paneling,” says Media Rooms president Rob Dzedzy.

“The problem was, as big as the speakers were, and as good as they sounded, they produced no bass whatsoever.”

The obvious solution was to add a couple of subwoofers; unfortunately, they would have stuck out like a sore thumb … unless Media Rooms could find a place to hide them. Rather than tear into the finished walls to tuck them there, Media Rooms decided to slide them underneath the bed. With only nine inches of space between the floor and the box springs, it would be a tight squeeze … so tight that at time of the installation Media Rooms could not find subs that would fit. “So we decided to build two of our own,” Dzedzy says.

Built completely from scratch, each 10-inch driver and other subwoofer essentials are housed inside a box made of MDF board. The drivers were positioned at an angle to direct the sound out instead of up. Wiring the subs to the A/V gear, which is tucked into the wall along with the TVs and speakers, involved fishing wire to the basement below and across to the A/V components on the front wall.
“The subs made a huge difference in the sound quality, and we didn’t have to alter any of the room aesthetic,” Dzedzy says.

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