McIntosh Debuts MX121 and MX151 AV Control Centers

McIntosh's new components promise HDMI video switching, 3D pass-through, and more.


McIntosh Laboratory 's MX151

McIntosh Laboratory is ready to rock — a little bit harder, apparently. The company just debuted two AV Control Centers, the MX121 and the MX151.

Both are designed to be the hub of your home entertainment setup, offering features such as built-in Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, Dual Zone operation, and the option to play 2-channel sources in stereo or up to 7.1 surround sound. Each of the new components also includes HDMI video switching and 3D video pass-through.

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The MX121 AV Control Center has built-in wireless streaming for access to networked music, as well as a wired USB input for a direct connection. The MX121 also has a robust upconverting video processing engine, which promises that all non-HD video sources are upconverted to HDMI output and scaled at up to 1080p resolution.

For those in need of a powerful reference-standard audio processing section, the MX151 is the step-up model. Aside from everything listed above, the MX151 adds in advanced on-board RoomPerfect auto-equalization, precision-tuned bass and treble tone controls, and a video-processing engine with HDMI 3D pass-through.

“McIntosh has always been known for our unmatched reputation for the finest music reproduction. With our MX121 and MX151 Control Centers, we’re taking the lead in home theater quality and performance, offering discerning consumers an elegant new way to get the iconic McIntosh experience while deriving maximum benefits from all of today’s most advanced audio and video content sources,” says Charlie Randall, McIntosh’s president. “Both these control centers offer specific features geared to meet the lifestyle needs of our customers. For consumers looking for the ultimate audio-enhancing processor to complete their dream system, for instance, the MX151’s unequalled audio section and powerful RoomPerfect offers the perfect solution. For consumers looking for a unit that will dramatically enhance their enjoyment of both movies and music, the MX121 is an ideal solution.”

Both units also have an RS-232 input for compatibility with third-party remote control systems. McIntosh has priced the MX121 at $6,000, with the MX151 coming in at $12,500.


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