Marmitek Puts BoomBoom into Any Room

Marmitek's new speaker option works wirelessly with the iPhone and iPad.


Speakers come in all shapes and sizes these days. Marmitek seems to be modeling its latest wireless speaker after a small wastebasket.

However, the BoomBoom 152 isn’t just unique in the way that it looks, but also how it operates. There’s no need to tether this one to your home theater setup. We’re guessing it doesn’t really match anyway. Instead, it can go anywhere in the home, as well as in the backyard or to the beach.

When paired with an iPhone and/or iPad, this portable speaker option can put music wherever you want it. It can work alone or you can get all high-tech and have two of them synced together.

Available in black and white, the BoomBoom 152 promises up to eight hours of portable music on a full charge. It’s available now, but only overseas. The MSRP is €49.95 (about $67).


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