LG Announces Music Flow Wireless Speaker System

The new multiroom lineup includes three speakers, a soundbar and a network bridge.

We’ve seen a lot of companies looking to take Sonos’ place in the multiroom wireless speaker market. LG Electronics is the latest to take a stab at the crown, by introducing the new Music Flow Wi-Fi speaker lineup.

Music Flow is LG’s collection of wireless multiroom music products.

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The newly announced collection includes three Music Flow speakers (models H3, H5, H7), a soundbar (model HS6), and a Network Bridge (model R1). Each one of those can be paired with LG’s Music Flow Player app for iOS and Android devices. The setup promises music in any room, using mesh network technology and dual-band Wi-Fi.

The Music Flow Player app allows users to manage their entire digital music library, even if it’s spread across several different devices. Of course, it can also send that audio to the Music Flow units in the home. If you’re not sure what to listen to, the app can even recommend songs, playlists and radio stations. LG hasn’t said what music services will be available from Music Flow in the United States yet.

One really interesting perk is that Music Flow works with the LG HomeChat messaging app. This allows users to communicate with Music Flow “in natural English.” It basically means that you can talk to your Music Flow system, asking for functions and even recommendations.

Other features include 24-bit/192kHz playback, NFC, a Home Cinema mode, the Mood Station feature, and Auto Music Play for seamless switching between smartphone playback and the Music Flow setup.

“LG Music Flow takes the fast-growing concept of wireless multiroom audio systems to a new level with its smart convenience and superior sound quality,” said Byung-hoon Min, senior vice president of LG’s audio-video division. “Our advanced system can create a personal soundtrack that not only follows the listener from room to room, but also when the user enters the home. LG engineers have set a whole new standard by introducing features and functions to the wireless audio system category that have never been available before on competing units.

The first of the LG Music Flow models will be the 70-watt H7 and 40-watt H5 speakers, as well as the R1 Network Bridge. Those will launch in the UK this month, with other markets in Europe to follow in September. The LG Music Flow H3 speaker (30 watts) and the HS6 soundbar (320 watts) will be rolled out globally soon after.

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