iPort Updates In-Wall iPad Docks, Adds iPad Mini Mount

All of the new products use iPad's cable and connector, including Lightning.


iPort, a Dana Innovations company, has every iPad covered when it comes to in-wall installations. The company is releasing V2 of it is original CM-IW2000 (released in 2010) for the first four generations of the iPad, as well as its first in-wall mount for the iPad mini.

The company also is shipping a Control Mount USB Power Upgrade Kit to make existing CM-IW12000s compatible with the newer iPad form factors. Both the upgrade kit and V2 mounts are shipping now.

All of the new products utilize iPad’s own cable and connector—whether 30-pin or Lightning—rather than a built-in connector that may be obsolete in a year.

The products harken back to the days when the Control Mount was developed for first-gen iPads. iPort was “acutely aware of our dealers’ need to provide a migration path for their clients as future generations of iPad were brought to market,” says product manager Derick Dahl.”

Whatever full-sized iPad a customer might have, it can now be mounted in an original CM-IW2000 (with USB Upgrade kit) or the new CM-IW2000 V2 ($399 MSRP).

The new Control Mount for iPad mini (shipping at the end of June) is the “world’s thinnest in-wall bezel for iPad” (0.18 inches deep, 0.9 inches wide) and the “thinnest mounting box iPort has ever shipped,” according to the company. The relatively flat back box is ideal for European installations and older construction.

The new Control Mounts include iPort’s VoltPort technology, “a radically new way to power low voltage devices in-wall, providing the flexibility to power mobile devices with nearly any power supply ranging from 12-24v, providing charge distances up to 400 ft.”

Since iPort debuted LaunchPort in 2011, custom electronics pros have been begging for inductive-charging mounts for every version of iPad, especially the new iPad mini.

The wait is almost over. iPort tells us that the AP.4 Sleeve for iPad 4th generation will ship by June 15 and the AM.1 Sleeve for iPad mini will ship by July 15. Both work with existing LaunchPort BaseStations and WallStations.

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