iNuke Boom Biggest, Loudest iPod Speaker Ever

You bet that this car-sized speaker from Behringer goes to 11


File this under, please send me one to review.

All other high-end iPod speakers have to suck in their bellies and hug the wall when iNuke Boom walks into the room. Behringer says the $29,999.99 iNuke is the loudest iPod speaker in the world. I think only a Vogon could conceive of a bigger or louder system.

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The iNuke is the size of a car (4 feet tall x 8 feet wide), weighs 700 pounds and contains a warhead amp of 10,000 watts. That little spot at the top is the iPod. And apparently it’s not a joke.

Behringer came up with this iPodsaurus to celebrate the launch of EUROSOUND, the company’s new line of consumer audio products.

The iNuke Boom will be unveiled officially with the entire EUROSOUND line at CES next month. No more details will be available until then. Honestly, I’m more than a little afraid of this, but I really want to be there when they crank Rammstein .


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