Holiday Gift Guide: Awesome Audio Gear

Speakers, soundbars, wireless systems, digital audio components and more.

There’s so much music at your fingertips these days, in just about any form you want.

If you’re old school, you can still plug in to some monoblock amps, processor, turntable and tower speaker for a smooth two-channel listening session. Whistling while you work? Plug your laptop into a USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter), a pair of powered speakers and call up your iTunes collection or stream Spotify for hours. Then go home and have the best of both worlds. Toggle between your computer source and your analog source if you’ve got a full rack of audio gear, and perhaps do some A/B listening between your vinyl records and your new batch of 24-bit/96kHz downloads.

There’s enough on the audio buffet’s menu to keep you stuffed all the time. Your setup can be as bare bones as the laptop-DAC-speakers combo and still deliver a satisfying experience. Or you can go full throttle with a high-end rack of beautiful brushed aluminum components, cables as thick as pythons and loudspeakers the size of LeBron James (and just as high performance).

So what kind of listener are you? Or what about the audiophile you’re shopping for?

Do you want a solution that will suit your audio needs for just one room, or every room in your house?

There are enough audio choices out there to make your head spin like turntable platter. This could be the most fun shopping you do all year.

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