Harman Starts 3 Series Speaker Lineup at $199

The LSR305 and LSR308 will ship to stores before the end of this month.

The LSR305 5-inch powered studio monitor.

Yesterday, we mentioned Revel’s new Performa3 loudspeakers. Now, Harman is cranking out another set of speakers, under its JBL brand. The company’s 3 Series studio monitors are scheduled to ship by the end of this month.

The hook on this series is that it’s the first studio monitor line to include JBL’s patent-pending Image Control Waveguide. Surrounding the high-frequency tweeter and located directly above the woofer, the waveguide promises great detail and a wide soundfield, in just about any listening environment.

Each speaker also has a nice build — and a nice price, which we’ll get to in a minute.

First, you should know that the JBL 3 Series comes in two models. The LSR305 is a 5-inch powered studio monitor with a response of 43Hz to 24kHz and a peak SPL of 108dB. The LSR308 measures 8 inches, with a response of 37Hz to 24 kHz and a peak SPL of 112dB.

Other features include a long-throw woofer and damped woven composite tweeter, the patented Slip Stream low-frequency port design, Class D amplifiers, and both low- and high-frequency “TRIM” switches. Each speaker also has multiple inputs, a detented volume control and an input sensitivity switch.

“Our goal with the 3 Series is to bring a new level of performance and accuracy to the market at most affordable price points,” said Peter Chaikin, senior manager of JBL Professional Recording and Broadcast Marketing. “The Image Control Waveguide gives 3 Series a dramatic advantage. It is a remarkable piece of engineering allowing us to deliver a loudspeaker that is more revealing and engaging to listen to. Customers will find, with this waveguide, the 3 Series loudspeakers provide a truly enjoyable listening experience.”

JBL plans to start shipping the 3 Series before the end of this month. Expect the LSR305 to be priced at $199.99 each, with the LSR308 coming in at $325 per unit.

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