Hardy Bluetooth Speaker Blasts 100 Decibels

Killer Concepts’ $99 Rocksteady XS designed for long, loud playback.


There are lots of things to like about the new Rocksteady XS Wireless Bluetooth speaker from Killer Concepts. First, it supports Bluetooth 3.0, so it works with iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android devices, tablets, computers and MP3 players. No matter what type of device you use to stream songs to it, the Rocksteady XS can really crank it out, at 100 decibels, and it’s lithium-ion battery will provide the power for 10-plus hours of music listening. If you run out of juice, you can pop in a new battery for extended play.

According to Killer Concepts, the Rocksteady XS is the first speaker of its type to feature a removable/replaceable lithium-ion battery.

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The company also claims that the speaker is so durable that you can drop it, stack things on top of it—basically abuse it and it’ll keep on ticking. Integrated LED lights on the base of the unit glow to indicate what the speaker is doing: blue means it’s on, flashing blue means it’s pairing with your Bluetooth device, red signifies charging mode, and purple is charging and ‘on’ mode.

In addition to Bluetooth connection, the Rocksteady XS supports playback through an included 3.5mm cable, and MP3 files can be played through the speaker’s USB port, which can also be used to charge your phone, tablet and other devices.


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