Greenest TVs on the Planet

A column of eucalyptus is home to two flat-panel TVs


Often design dictates the use of technology. In this home, the owners wanted to maintain a natural, outdoorsy environment. “Creating a certain look and feel of their home was their main objective,” says Vanja Thompson of David Vincent Design, a Carmel, Calif.–based custom electronics design and installation firm. Still, technology would be incorporated throughout, just in a slightly different manner than in most homes.

Between the kitchen and living room a column made of eucalyptus wood was designed so that two flat-panel TVs could be recessed and blend into the structure. Given that the project was completed a few years ago, Thomspon was unable to recall the specific make and model of each TV, plus, both of the original displays have since been replaced with newer units. Mounted to the column that faces the living room is a 50 incher; a 42-inch set entertains people in the kitchen. All of the wiring is contained inside the column, where it runs up through the ceiling to an equipment rack on the second level. Available are cable, satellite and Blu-ray, and each TV can display something different. Each area has its own surround-sound setup, too, with speakers recessed into the ceiling. The audio and video are controlled via a handheld Crestron remote.

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