Geneva Designs Tabletop Audio Trio for All Budgets

The Switzerland-based Geneva has three digital music systems, starting at $249.95.


Geneva's Sound System Model M

If you’re looking into a digital-based audio solution, there’s quite a large pool of products — and that’s just from Geneva. The Switzerland-based audio company has a trio of new tabletop audio products, designed for a variety of scenarios and budgets.

The least expensive in the line is the Model XS. This product is designed to hit the road, packing an audio system into a shell reminiscent of a travel clock. It’s easy enough to fold up and throw into a bag, but also features with a digital amplifier, two tweeters and a square subwoofer. Promising a bass response below 80Hz, the Model XS also has an FM tuner, as well as a Bluetooth support and a 3.5mm line-in cable for pairing with a portable device.

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Other features also include alarm functions, a rechargeable lithium battery, and a water-resistant leather clamshell case. At the lower end of the Geneva line, the Model XS is available now for $249.95.

Nestled in the middle of the company’s audio lineup is the Model S. This one isn’t built for travel, unless it gets its own bag. Instead, it’s a 6-inch system designed to sit on a table or shelf, with or without the included stand. Instead, it has two full-range 3-inch drivers, two bass ports, and two Class D digital amplifiers.

A few of the outer features include a PowerDock connector for pairing with the iPod or iPhone and TouchLight controls, which can brighten up and/or open with the wave of a hand.

Other features include alarm functions, six radio presets, and an included remote. Available in red, black, white and silver, the Model S is selling now for $299.95.

Last, but most drool-worthy in the lineup, is the Model M. This bookshelf-sized stereo packs in two 1-inch tweeters, two 4-inch woofers, two bass ports, and four Class D digital amplifiers. It also has the iPod/iPhone universal dock, a digital radio tuner with presets, and a line-in jack — all packed into a cabinet that’s less than 8 inches high. Available in piano lacquered wood or real walnut, the Model M sells for $699.95.


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