Energy Cranks Out Single Power Base Speaker

The new audio option includes Bluetooth, Dolby Digital support, and more.

Every audio company seems to be introducing some type of soundbar option. However, you shouldn’t think of the new Energy Power Base as your typical soundbar. Instead, the company is introducing this product as “a soundbar alternative,” as well as a new member of the growing Energy Power Series.

Like many soundbar solutions, the Power Base does deliver music from a single cabinet. This makes it easy to pair with any TV, whether it’s in your main viewing room or in a secondary space. It includes Dolby Digital support and a 3D surround mode, which is perfect for everyday viewing of sports, movies and even the evening news.

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Unlike a soundbar, the Power Base can withstand the weight and shape of your TV. It looks like a set-top box versus something you’ll want to wall-mount. However, it’s worthy of being displayed, considering it has the same aluminum, high-frequency drivers as Energy’s popular Take Classic Series, as well as separate midrange drivers for each channel. Other features include dual subwooders, two front-firing ports, and more.

It’s also got a little Bluetooth magic inside, so you can wirelessly stream audio to the speaker from your computer, smartphone, tablet or other compatible device.

“We developed the Energy Power Base to both significantly improve television and movie surround and give consumers the option of simulating a multi-speaker system,” said Tommy Jacobs, director of customer development for Energy. “Furthermore, the system unleashes the playlists of nearly any user in true Energy fashion thanks to incorporated Bluetooth technology.”

Energy will start selling the Power Base sometime this October. Expect the unit to come packing an MSRP of $399.99.

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