DTS-HD Layered Audio Gives Online Audio a Boost

The new technology allows for streaming at various bit rates from a single encode.


With so much audio available online, it’s shame that sometimes the sound can be so, well… bad. Now, DTS is giving your bandwidth (and your ears) a break, announcing its new DTS-HD Layered Audio technology.

The newly announced tech allows online services to offer adaptive bit-rate audio streaming from a single encode.

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DTS-HD Layered Audio has a few of the features found in the DTS-HD codec, so it can create and store adaptive bit-rate audio streams from a single encode. That way, all of those web services can adapt better to network conditions and deliver a more pleasurable listening experience overall.

Considering the boost DTS-HD has given to home theater users, this should be very interesting to those of you addicted to online streaming.

“We designed our Layered Audio technology with bandwidth limitations, server resource efficiency and consumer enjoyment in mind,” said Mark Johnson, vice president of streaming and media solutions, DTS Inc. “Our goal at DTS is to deliver the best quality, immersive audio experience possible. DTS-HD Layered Audio helps enable this under some of the most challenging broadband conditions in a manner that is both efficient and cost effective, and it fully works with our suite of existing DTS-HD encoders and decoders.”

DTS and Manzanita Systems are currently showing off DTS-HD Layered Audio at this week’s 2013 NAB Show. It can be found in the Manzanita MP4 Multiplexer (MP4Mux v2.0), which will be released this May. Also, Unified Streaming recently released its Unified Streaming Platform (USP) with DTS-HD Layered Audio support.

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