Deezer Elite High Definition Audio Now Streaming on Sonos

The high definition audio service will offer an upgrade to existing users at no additional cost.

Deezer Elite high definition audio

These days, there are so many streaming music services for wirelesss speakers, smart phones and home stereo systems, it’s hard to keep track. However, few offer millions of musical options lossless audio sound quality. Deezer Elite can stream 35 million lossless FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) music files at a standard of 1,411 kbps or higher, which is five times the bitrate of other services currently being offered.

Deezer Elite is one of the newest music services out there, but it’s starting to bring high definition audio streaming to the masses. Last year, the company announced a partnership with Sonos, so that the service could deliver music to the many people using Sonos’ wireless music systems—at some point.

Back in the fall, the service first launched on Sonos products to users in the United States. Now, the company is saying that starting March 19, 2015, Deezer Elite will launch on Sonos products outside of the United States. That means that the high definition streaming service will soon be available to Sonos wireless speakers in more than 150 countries.

Even better, Deezer listeners on Sonos will be able to upgrade to Deezer Elite at no additional cost. Adding the service means that you can access high definition audio streaming in any room or multiple rooms, via Sonos speakers and components.

“There is a lot of momentum happening in streaming and it’s going to keep getting better for music lovers,” said Sonos CEO John MacFarlane. “We’re excited Deezer is pushing for even better quality and to bring Deezer Elite to more Sonos customers around the world.”

Besides accessing the service on Sonos products, Deezer Elite high definition audio streaming is also available on smartphones, tablets and TVs. The company plans to announce pricing for its newest users sometime in March. However, U.S. listeners can opt for a year and snag the promotional price of $9.99 per month or pay $14.99 per month after a 30-day free trial.

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  • Paul Binder

    Great that Sonos is partnering with Deezer! Might have to purchase one of the ‘gateway’ units, as Play 1,3 & 5 are not ‘high fidelity” enough that you will be able to appreciate high resolution audio files…


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