ClearView Audio Debuts Invisible Clio Bluetooth Speaker

The clear wireless speaker has Bluetooth and patented Edge Motion technology.

Back in January, a company named ClearView Audio introduced the Clio, the totally invisible wireless speaker — or did they? No, they did; now they are actually shipping it.

The Clio has Bluetooth, so you can stream sound directly to the speaker from any iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, as well as other compatible devices. However, what makes the speaker so unique is that it has an ultra-thin, slightly curved, and optically clear acrylic glass. Because of that design, you can place the Clio almost anywhere and it practically “disappears” into its surroundings.

Another perk is the patented Edge Motion technology. That means that instead of pushing from behind (like a typical cone speaker would do), the Clio uses “piezo-electric actuators” to stimulate the sides of the transducer, resulting in an efficient piston-like motion.

Other features on the 2.1 sound system include a 2-inch down-firing woofer, a 3.5mm input, and the ability to pair with up to eight Bluetooth devices. It even comes with options for three different bases: silver, dark bronze or charcoal.

At last peek, ClearView Audio’s website had sold out of the speakers, but planned to resume orders in January 2015. For now, the company is selling the Clio at retail, with an MSRP of $349.

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