Clarus Aids Computer Audio with Crimson USB Cable

Clarus engineered its cable for High Speed USB 2.0 applications.

Clarus offers Crimson USB in 1- and 2-meter lengths

The growing computer audio category has matured so much the past couple years that it now shares equal, and possibly higher, ground with traditional formats such as vinyl and CD.

Lending its support to the category is Florida-based cable manufacturer Clarus, which recently announced its new high-performance Crimson Series USB audio cable that is engineered specifically for High Speed USB 2.0 computer audio applications.

Clarus says it developed the cable after “careful consideration of the complex issues associated with the design of digital cable – namely the preservation of signal integrity, including [the] minimization of jitter and the elimination of noise.”

Clarus says the Crimson cables start with a foundation of heavy gauge PCOCC (Pure Copper by the Ohno Continuous Casting) that produces the purest copper available. The cable uses 20AWG power conductors to ensure the proper flow of current. To minimize jitter and other timing issues, the cable is manufactured via a high-precession wire twisting machine that ensures the cables get perfectly matched twisted pairs.

The cable also employs PCOCC signal conductors with silver plating, as well as six layers of shielding to prevent the loss of sound quality through EMI and RF noise interference. Externally, the cable is wrapped in a red and black woven jacket, and Clarus offers the cable in 1- or 2-meter versions to meet a variety of applications.

The cable is now shipping. Clarus says the 1-meter cable carries an MSRP of $250 and the 2-meter version carries an MSRP of $350.

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