Bose Docks the iPhone 5 on New SoundDock Series III

The company's latest is designed for devices with a Lightning connector.


Just last week, we were talking about the lack of docking stations designed for the latest iOS devices. What a difference a week makes.

Bose just announced its SoundDock Series III system, which is the company’s latest digital music system — and the first for use with the iPhone 5 and other devices with a Lightning connector.

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As with most Bose products, not much is known about the inside of this device. Bose just says that it includes “proprietary acoustic design and digital signal processing.” We do know that it can charge any docked device, but also has an auxiliary input for those times when you want to tether a non-Lightning device.

For easy control, the SoundDock Series III comes packing a remote that can tap into the basic functions of the iPod or iPhone, as well as switch back and forth between playlists.

Bose is selling the SoundDock Series III system now, with an MSRP of $249.95.


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