Kohler Bluetooth Speaker Fits into Showerhead

Kohler’s new Moxie speaker streams tunes … and water


An x-ray depiction of the Kohler Moxie Bluetooth shower speaker.

There’s something about the seclusion, the steam and the running water that brings out the inner songbird in all of us. But who wants to tackle a tune alone when you can have the accompaniment of the entire band? Sure, you can have someone install a special waterproof speaker into your shower and tie that into a distributed audio system—a very labor intensive and expensive solution. Now, Kohler offers a simpler setup. The Moxie is a showerhead and speaker in one that syncs with an iPhone or other smartphone via Bluetooth to stream songs wirelessly from up to 32 feet away. The speaker portion of the showerhead is held in place by a magnet, and can be removed to travel with you to the closet, the bedroom or anywhere else inside or outside the house.

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According to Kohler, Moxie installs just like a standard showerhead. An on/off button on the speaker capsule incorporates a light that changes color to indicate with the speaker is active and when its battery is running low. It’ll operate for as long as 7 hours before needing to be recharged via an included USB cord.

And let’s not forget, Moxie’s talents also include the delivery of water, with a sprayf that features 60 angled nozzles. It’s available in a water-saving 2.0 gpm or a 2.5 gpm spray, and retails for $199 on Amazon.


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